Science & Popcorn

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Who would ever have thought that Science and Popcorn could go together? Or they could be so much fun (at least eating the popcorn was fun).

My Daughter had to do a science project for school so instead of the usual “potato makes electricity” we decided to do something more fun.

Alicia’s Science Project

How does temperature affect popcorn?

We took 3 bags of microwave popcorn and froze one, refrigerated one, and left one out at room temperature for 24 hours. We then microwaved each bag to see how long they took to finish popping and if there was any difference in quality of kernels popped.

What we found was there is no real difference in the number of kernels popped, and the length of time doesn’t change significantly. However it did take a bit longer to pop the cold and frozen bag of popcorn.

I hope you enjoyed this years science project as much as I did eating all that popcorn ;)

We had so much fun doing this experiment that I think we will give Trent’s laundry soap experiment a try next and see if it really does work like he says, stay tuned!


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