Now eBay Phishing?

Just like the post I made about Bank Phishing, today I received an email supposedly from eBay requesting to change my registration information. Well of course if you read my post from the other day you already know that I am very aware of spoofed emails that are phishing for personal login information. Guess what? This is a spoofed email that appears to be from eBay but in reality it is not. I confirmed with eBay that this is in fact a spoofed email and they are working to disable … Read more

Belated Christmas Gift

I know we are almost in February but I just found out today that I was given a Christmas Fruit Cake from my good friend Dan. I can’t believe that I didn’t get it till today but I still do appreciate a good fruit cake. I just want to thank Dan for this fine gift which I will keep for myself and not share with others, atleast not yet… Maybe next Christmas I will pass it along. ~ Phil

Bank Phishing

Today I received and email from what appeared to be J.P. Morgan Chase which if you don’t know is a very well known bank. The email looked official and actually would lead you to believe that it came from Chase. Have a look at a screenshot of the email (click to enlarge): Looks pretty good except for the fact that there is a couple of spelling mistakes like Complate instead of Complete, and why is the C capitalized anyway? The sentence under “Please Note:” If we do no??? Shouldn’t that … Read more

Free Windows Anti-Virus Software…

Several days ago I wrote about a Free Windows Firewall, well today I am following up with a Free Windows Anti-Virus Sofware. The software is called AVG Anti-Virus and I have been using it personally for over 2 years without any problems. The software is GREAT!!! It updates automatically daily and I have not had a virus since I installed it. For anyone running Windows this software is a must! You can download it directly here and can use it free of charge as long as you follow the guidelines … Read more

Free Windows Firewall…

You see I told you there were free things in life! If you have been looking for a firewall for your Windows computer but aren’t sure what you need or don’t want to spend too much, then I have found a firewall for you. Comodo Firewall Pro According to their website it is FREE forever, No catch, No kidding! Also FREE for commercial use. Unlike some other ‘free’ firewalls, this is not a stripped down version but is the full, completely functional product. Updates and upgrades are also free. I … Read more