I miss you Nana!

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Today is my Grand Mothers (Nana) Birthday unfortunately she had passed on so I cannot call her and tell her how much I love her. She had passed on in 2005 and the time has not taken away my pain. She was not only a Grand Mother but a Mother and a friend. My Nana raised me while both of my parents held full time jobs. This is why it is so painful to me that I lost her.

Nana, I know you are in a better place looking down on me and hope you and Gramps are with each other as I know that is what you wanted all along. I know you never celebrated birthdays like everyone else around you but I am posting this here so that I will never forget you and all you have done for me. I love you Nana so very much and I hope one day to be reunited with you. Until that day know that you did a great job and I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Happy Birthday Nana!

Love always and forever,
Your Grandson/Son – Phil

My Nana and her Two Sisters…

My Nana is on the far right, her sister Julie on the left and her sister Lottie in the middle. This picture was when my Grand Father passed away and we all went back to Aunt Lotties house which is the house where all the sister grew up. My Nana was so sad for her loss, but so happy for returning to the house. She told me when she arrived “I am Home!”…

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