I got a ‘G’ rating!

I just saw a link on a blog I read that tells what your blog is rated. I checked my blog and got a ‘G’ rating! Cool, however I don’t think it will always be ‘G’… I try to keep it clean and children friendly as my kids read this blog. Anyway here is my ‘G’ rating…

Another one bites the dust! (Goodbye allo.com)

Just a few weeks after SunRocket.com closed shop another VOIP provider has done the same. allo.com has posted a goodbye letter on their site as of 8/2/2007.  “ALLO.COM SERVICES TO BE DISCONTINUED AUGUST 2, 2007 As previously announced to all customers, Allo.com has decided to discontinue providing VOIP Services. We will keep offering innovative VOIP related hardware such as Analog Telephone Adapters and MicroPBX systems. All services will be discontinued no later than August 2nd, 2007″ What is going on with these VOIP providers? Have they priced themselves out of … Read more

I know I am going to heaven… Are you?

As most of you already know by my post here and my other websites here and here I am an animal lover. I am most at home with Dogs and Cats but I am always open to helping out any animal big or small. What does this have to do with going to heaven? Well I think if you take care of Gods creatures there will be a place for you when it is your time. I also received the following in an email today and thought it was very … Read more