Tree Vault Project

It took some time to complete but I think it came out pretty nice. If you live in NYC you probably know what a tree vault is. Basically it is the piece of land between the curb and your sidewalk that the city usually plants a tree in. Well many years ago the tree that was there forever died and was taken down. The city never replaced the tree so I took it upon myself to do it with many different trees that could not stand up to the harsh … Read more


Er’ summer is not here yet! But don’t try to tell that to my cat! She decided that a cereal box on a hot sunny deck is enough to make it feel like summer. She didn’t even mind the fact that the night before the raccoons had tossed the recyclables from the bin all over the place.

Back to business

Hello All, Sorry for the long delay but I have been swamped with life and work. From now on I will try to keep the site updated more often, as long as my hectic life allow. Anyway please don’t mind the mess around here while I play with new themes and plugins for WordPress “The best blogging software in the world”….