Time for weights

Well today I started my annual exercise regime. During the winter months I usually take a break from exercise which I know is not the best thing to do, because I do gain weight. With all the holiday cooking, cakes and candy how could I not put on pounds. So I start on my quest to lose some weight but also build some muscle at the same time. So weight training is the weapon of choice for me. I start simple with every other day of 30 minute routines. Eventually … Read more

Toothfairy where are you?

Well today my sons second tooth fell out. I am still amazed since he is 7 years old and has only lost 2 teeth. My daughter lost a handfull of teeth by the time she was 6. I know this is not a big deal because everyone is different and grows at different stages. It is just very interesting to me to see the differences between two siblings. Anyway I hope the toothfairy comes and brings Michael some cold hard cash. :) Phil March 26th, 2006: Just as a followup, … Read more