Cinnamon Buns made in a Waffle Maker too? Oh yeah…

Last week I wrote about making Scrambled Eggs in a waffle maker and how delicious and great they came out. Well I am back this week with something even better! How about some delicious cinnamon buns? Oh yeah! You know the can that you buy that explodes when you peel the label and then almost gives you a heart attack? Yeah these… Since I saw it on that video from last week, I had to try it… (Side note, I will be trying more of the things on that video … Read more

Scrambled eggs in a waffle maker – Does it really work?

I am always looking for new ways to cook eggs. Those of you that know me, know that I have an over abundance of eggs from my five little hens. So as I was watching this video of 7 Awesome Waffle Iron RecipesĀ I thought it really can’t work or be as simple as the video showed. You know how it is now a days, you can’t believe everything you see or hear on the interwebs… :) So I decided to give it a go and see if it does what … Read more

30 Day Challenge: Give up meat

Normally people make resolutions for the new year, not starting on February 1st. Well count me as not normal :) Besides, most resolutions are made and forgotten all before the end of January anyway. I have decided to take a 30 day (28 actually) challenge and not eat any meat for those 30 28 days. Who challenged me? Nobody! I have decided it is something I want to try and do. I read a ton of blogs all the time and I see so much talk about changing a habit … Read more

Do you want to blog better? Grab this Blogging eBook Bundle

eBook Blogging Bundle

Grab this great collection of eBooks about blogging. They are on sale this week only! All 5 eBooks for over 85% off. If you are ready to take your blog to the next level you should really consider purchasing this blogging ebook bundle. It is packed with printables to help you plan and set goals, creative ideas to make money with your blog, writing tips and even a guide to hiring help for your blog. The bundle includes the following: The Blog Planning Kit from The Blog Planning Kit … Read more

Amazon AppStore is giving away free apps today only!

To celebrate their app store’s one year anniversary in Europe, Amazon is giving away some free Kindle apps. They are including some of the most popular apps. Even though they are celebrating their European anniversary, the offer is not just exclusive to Europe. That means Amazon Appstore users in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan will be able to download all of the following apps today for free… Make sure you get these today as they won’t be free forever! Disclosure: Even though these are all … Read more